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Behavioral therapists work with autistic children and other patients with developmental issues, either in a clinical setting or a patient's home. These therapists often reinforce positive, learned behaviors using specialized techniques that may include reward systems, incidental teaching, pivotal response training, and milieu therapy. An Behavioral Tech works under the supervision of a behavioral analyst and/or LCSW, a position that requires a graduate degree and, oftentimes, license or certification.

                  We are currently not offering Behavioral Therapy at ComKey.



ComKey Therapy works with individuals and their families to further develop skills in communication, socialization, and behavior regulation.  Specifically, behavioral therapy has been an effective intervention for teaching individuals to talk and to interact more effectively with peers and adults.   Treatment objectives will be developed to help increase positive behaviors and skills, maintain and generalize behaviors, and reduce repetitive and restricted behaviors. 


Treatment is individualized and is based on a comprehensive skills assessment.  Services are provided in the individuals home, as well as in the community setting to encourage generalization of skills. Early ABA researchers found that individuals with autism were not learning from their environment as effectively typically developing people within their age group. Therefore, it is up to the behavioral therapists and caregivers to develop a therapeutic environment in which children can learn most effectively.  Our ultimate goal is to help each child develop skills that will enable him or her to be as independent and successful as possible.

In order to establish a consistent therapeutic environment for your child, we require on-going parent involvement, including weekly family skills session participation. Parents will learn how to facilitate the use of their child’s newly acquired skills at home and in the community.

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ComKey Therapy is no longer offering Behavioral Services. If anything changes in the future we will update our site.

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